✨ My book release ✨

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Hellooo everyone,

I just launched my first book and I could not be more excited. Strong and beautiful talks about style, beauty and fitness and of course gives many insights into my own life and story leading up to building my Instagram account.

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Strong & Beautiful by Pamela Reif
Strong & Beautiful by Pamela Reif

More about my book:

About Pam

Where I’ll tell you about my childhood and youth, how I got started with sports, and how I learned to deal with tough topics such as self-confidence.

About Fitness

You’ll learn eveeeeerything about fitness: How to get started, what kind of body types there are, how to eat healthy, how to motivate yourself, how to keep and achieve goals and how to stop looking for excuses. I also talked about good and bad ingredients in food, the basics for a balanced nutrition plan aaaaand many recipes.

About Style

It's not just going to be about inner beauty but also about my favorite workout- and everyday outfits, what I pay attention to before buying something, my favourite ways to combine key clothing pieces, an much more. There is also a big beauty part with DIY mask/peelings recipes, my skin care routine and information on topics such as cellulite and makeup.

About Life

About Life is about my whole Instagram story, how I turned my hobby into my job, how I edit my pictures, what I pay attention to when posing for pictures and where I get my inspiration from.

Strong & Beautiful by Pamela Reif