My Workout Secret

Hellooo everyone,

today I’m going to talk about my Fitness Story. This is actually a really personal topic for me because I went through a couple of stages over the years. So I used to be super thin and I had NO curves. I definitely ate enough food but due to my fast metabolism I just couldn’t gain any size, had no butt in my pants and wasn’t really feminine. Nevertheless I still had some body fat around my belly, on my hips etc.

Here you can see a couple of before pictures: - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif

Long story short: I didn’t feel good at all in my own skin, I wasn’t happy with the shape of my body. Although I was skinny I still felt flabby and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I neither looked fit and toned nor sexy and feminine. And that really affected my self confidence.

About 4 years ago I started my fitness journey together with a friend of mine. I wanted to work out with weights but I had no plan, no knowledge and of course no experience. That’s why I didn’t train properly over quite a long period of time. I for example only worked out my butt and my abs and did way too much cardio, just because I didn’t know better. After some time I acquired so much knowledge and found out what really works and what you need to do to see results.

Here are a couple of after pictures as a comparison: - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif - Gym Coaching Plan by Pamela Reif

At the same time I started eating a looooot of healthy food and got more knowledge about a proper nutrition, macronutrients, calories and of course I learned how to cook healthy and delicious meals. Lots of people also think that a healthy lifestyle means that you need to forgo everything. But I learned that you need to concentrate on eating more of the right food instead of concentration what you shouldn’t eat. So in fact, you’re eating more, not less. :)

I also learned how to train your whole body properly. Because it’s really important that you’re body and your muscles are balanced and that’s why you should for example also train your back and your arms - even as a woman :) That doesn’t mean that you’ll end up looking like a bodybuilder or in any way masculine. You’ll end up looking feminine, strong and toned! Trust me. A fit woman with sexy curves.

Apart from the outer beauty weight training also made me more happy on the inside. Because working out with weights supports the production of endorphins and those endorphins are responsible for the feeling of happiness :)

Everything I’ve learned over those years doesn’t only come from books but also from countless conversations with experts worldwide. I tried so many things and I can honestly say that I perfected my workout routines so well that my training became super effective for shaping those curves that we all want.

And that’s why I can’t wait to share all of my tips and experiences with you!

💕✨ Pamela Reif ✨💕